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Advantages of electrolysis
Electrolysis offers a number of advantages compared to other methods of unwanted hair removal:
  1. Long-term and permanent results: Electrolysis can lead to long-term or even permanent hair removal. Since the hair follicle is destroyed by electrical current, it is possible to prevent their regrowth.
  2. Suitable for all hair and skin types: Unlike some other methods, electrolysis is effective for all hair colors and types, as well as different skin tones.
  3. Small areas: Electrolysis is suitable for treating even small areas, such as the face, eyebrows, or upper lip, making it a convenient choice for precise correction.
  4. Individual approach: The procedure allows for precise targeting of each hair, which is particularly useful for hair removal in small or intricate areas.
  5. No limitations: Unlike some other methods, electrolysis is not limited by hair color or skin type, making it accessible to a wide range of people.
  6. Effectiveness on light hair: Electrolysis is effective even on light hair, which can be challenging to treat with other methods.
  7. Progressive results: With each subsequent session, the hairs become thinner and smaller, which can ultimately lead to their complete disappearance.
  8. Individual control: The epilator has control over the intensity of the electric current, allowing the procedure to be adapted to individual needs and pain sensitivity levels.
Electroepilation is a method of removing unwanted hair using electrical current. During the procedure, a fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle, and then a weak electrical discharge is passed through it. This discharge destroys the cells responsible for hair growth, which slows down or stops their growth.

Electroepilation is one of the most reliable methods of hair removal, and it is widely used for achieving smooth skin for an extended period.
Smooth skin is confidence: reveal your beauty with electroepilation.
0-30 min
- All areas of the body
1.5€ min
31-60 min
- All areas of the body
1.2€ min
61 min
- All areas of the body
1€ min
Glowing skin without compromises: your path to smoothness with waxing.


Waxing is an effective and popular method for removing unwanted hair. During the procedure, warm or hot wax is applied to the skin, which is then removed along with the hair. The wax adheres to the hair and the root, allowing them to be removed from the root and achieve long-lasting results.

Advantages of waxing:

  1. Long-term results: Waxing removes hair with the root, which can lead to longer periods without their growth. Hair grows slower and becomes finer with each procedure.
  2. Smooth skin: After waxing, the skin remains smooth for longer than after shaving or other methods.
  3. Мягкость волос: Волоски, отросшие после эпиляции воском, часто становятся мягче и менее жесткими, чем после бритья.
  4. Reduction in growth intensity: With regular waxing procedures, the intensity of hair growth can decrease.
  5. Less frequent procedures: Since wax removes hair from the root, clients often do not require frequent follow-up procedures compared to other methods.
  6. Менее жесткая щетина: После эпиляции воском волосы отрастают мягче и тоньше, что делает щетину менее заметной.
  7. Reduction of irritation: Wax can help reduce skin irritation, which often occurs after shaving.
  8. Removes short hair: Waxing can be effective even on short hair, allowing you to maintain smoothness at any time.
  9. Duration of the effect: The smoothness and hair-free effect can last from several weeks to months depending on individual characteristics.

Waxing is a good choice for those who aim for long-term smoothness and hair-free skin. However, it is recommended to consult with a professional and consider possible contraindications before the procedure.

Sugar epilation
Soft skin with natural care: free it from hair with sugar epilation.

Sugar epilation

Sugar epilation, also known as sugaring, is a natural method of removing unwanted hair using sugar paste. During the procedure, the paste is applied to the skin in the direction of hair growth, and then quickly removed against the hair growth along with the hair.

Advantages of sugaring:

  1. Natural ingredients: Sugar paste contains natural ingredients such as sugar, water, and lemon juice, making this method safer for the skin.
  2. Softness of hair: Sugar paste encapsulates and removes hair along with the root, which often makes the hair softer and finer after each procedure.
  3. Less pain: Sugaring can be less painful compared to some other methods, as the paste encapsulates the hair without traumatizing the skin.
  4. Removal of short hairs: Sugar paste can effectively remove short hairs, allowing you to maintain smoothness even in the early stages of growth.
  5. Reduced risk of ingrown hairs: Sugaring can help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, as the paste removes hair along with the root.
  6. Minimum irritation: The composition of sugar paste can help reduce irritation and redness of the skin after the procedure.
  7. Ease of application: Sugar paste is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction, making the process more convenient and effective.
  8. Long-lasting results: The smoothness of the skin after sugaring can last from several weeks to a month."
  9. Less aggressive for the skin: Sugar paste does not adhere to live skin, reducing skin trauma and the risk of side effects.

Sugaring is a gentle and natural method of hair removal that can be a suitable choice for those seeking long-term results without aggressive effects on the skin. However, it is recommended to consult with a professional and consider possible contraindications before the procedure.

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